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Darcy Lux & Bryce Fortune

About Assured Rentals

Assured Rentals is a locally owned and operated leader in rental solutions serving Western Canada’s energy industry. We seek excellence by providing premium quality equipment, maintaining an in-depth COR-certified health and safety policy, and strictly adhering to environmental regulations.




Pieces of Equipment


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Expert Team Members

Bryce Fortune

Darcy Lux

CEO, Assured Rentals

CFO, Assured Rentals

We're safe.

We're reliable.

We're Assured Rentals.

Assured Rentals was born from the idea of doing things differently, being innovative, and providing convenience for our clients.


We chose our business name because the foundation of our business is to assure that we deliver on our promise of high quality, safe and effective equipment rental solutions.


Our primary business is in the energy sector, however, we do provide solutions for contractors, builders, and whoever else we can help.

We’re committed to maintaining comprehensive safety, providing high-quality service and equipment, and adhering to strict environmental regulations.

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